Greta is a certified Yogateacher from Italy. She started with Meditation and Yoga in 2012. Her life changed completely and Yoga has become an essential part of her life.

Yoga is keeping me present & connecting me with my potential and my true nature

Yoga for her is not only performance, it is a part of her everydaylife and the connection of movement and breath, body and soul are important in her classes. 

She wants to inspire people to live Yoga outside the Yogamat, to spread Love and Awareness and to flow with the Divine in and all around us.

This never ending source of energy is inside, not outside. We all have it.

Teachers: Sasy Chasomeri, Elke Bayer, Marion Inderst, Anna Aponi Korakaki

200 h Hatha&Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance

108 h Anusara Yoga Immersion

42 h Anusara Yoga One on One Teacher Training

Further Education: Ayurveda, Herbalism, Nutrition, Thai Massage, Yin/Restorative Yoga, Prana Flow Yoga



monday & thursday 17:00 • 60 MINUTES

We will focus on alignment, breath and piece of mind. After exploring the Asanas and the transitions from one Asana into the other, we will end the class with a 5 min. meditation.

You will get a deeper understanding of your body and mind, which will bring more awareness into your life and help you to reconnect with your highest potential.


monday 18:15 • 30 MINUTES

Set your intentions for the coming week, find peace of mind. We will not only sit down, we will also move, sing or repeat Mantras together.

One on one private sessions

designed only for you

In a private one on one lesson you will get the full attention of the teacher. According to what is good for you, I will choose the kind of practice.

You will learn how to move and breathe in the best way for you so that you can internalize your practice and get to know your true nature.